Liquid gold and quality anchovies…..Welcome Armatore

17 May 2022 Liquid gold and quality anchovies…..Welcome Armatore

Armatore is not just a producer, they’re a fleet that search for Bluefin Tuna and Cetara’s Anchovies.

It is a history of family and tradition, which starts with the first boat, Astore, to become the biggest tuna-fishing fleet in the Mediterranean Sea. Armatore is about sustainable fishing, which means respect towards biodiversity and the long term viability of the species hunted.

Fished during the night and worked within a few hours after, following the ancient tecniques of Cetara’s tradition, Cetara’s Anchovies are an absolute culinary excellence of this Water. Armatore fishes his Anchovies every season, along this magical Coast, which is the suggestive scenery for the “Notte delle Lampare”.

We started with a product that stands apart, Armatore exceptional ‘Colatura di Alici’ is a culinary delight. Also available are anchovy fillets in olive oil. Products will be available from our online store.