About This Product

Pastificio Gentile offers the highest quality products with full respect for the dictates that have made Gragnano pasta so famous in the past.


All shapes are made with bronze dyes, among these we can find the great classics of our tradition, such as fusilli or paccheri, as well as new and original shapes. It was the wish to experiment that lies behind the birth of one of the most famous shapes of the company: the SpaghettOne, a spaghetto with 2.7 mm diameter.
There are two elements that make Pasta Gentile unique: the quality of Senatore Cappelli variety wheat that is 100% of Italian origin and natural drying by the “Metodo Cirillo.


At Brenorg fine food we have a good selection of shapes in our portfolio, however we can get any shape produced by Gentile that the client specially request.