About This Product


Oleificio Melchiorri, located  in Umbria, in the heart of Italy has been crafting fine oils from the most distinguished  olive varietals for over 60 years .


For three generations, the Melchiorri family cultivates its olive groves in Umbria, a hilly region called the “green heart of Italy” for its green spaces of uncontaminated nature.

Many different factors go into the extraction of olive oil are ultimately responsible for the character and the quality of the final product: the olive variety, the soil, the climate, the care taken picking the olives, the ability and knowledge of milling.


Each Bottle of Melchiorri olive oil is derived from hand-picked olives of the Moraiolo , Frantoio, and Leccino Olive trees. The olives trees are immersed in an incontaminated environment, situated at an altitude of 450 metres. Following an ancient tradition, the olives are crushed by means of a granite millstone, achieving extra virgin olive oil after the first cold press.


Melchiorri’s rich history and respect for tradition ensure the purest and most natural oil taste.



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