About This Product

Our FLOR DE SAL – flower of salt – is as pure andnatural as the place where it is cultivated and hand-harvested. The SALINASDE LA TRINIDAD, the Trinidad Salt Pans, form the heart of the Ebro RiverDelta Nature Reserve. Here, a salt production activity dating from the 14thcentury lives in harmony with one of the Iberian Peninsula’s richest and mostdensely populated avian wildlife areas, where a number of endangered speciesare to be found.


FLOR DEL DELTA flower of salt is fragileand delicate, the same as the setting where it is hand-harvested on a dailybasis. The natural wealth of the Mediterranean sun and sea join forces with theexpert hands of our people to collect a salt rich in minerals and traceelements which, thanks to its exquisite texture and taste, lends a unique touchto any traditional or innovative dish, enhancing its flavours.


Flower of Salt