About This Product

Acquerello is the rice grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy on the Colombara farm by the Rondolino family. It is the ultimate rice in the world for three main reasons:


One of the key points to perfection is the aging process. To age properly, the freshly harvested crop must be stored, as long as possible, in unique steel silos at a constant controlled temperature, because during this period the starch, combined with the oxygen, optimizes its culinary characteristics.


The traditional stone husking is carried out using the Helix, invented in 1884 and nowadays exclusive to the Rondolino family. Unlike large scale industrial whitening processes where grains are energetically whitened in about six seconds through a 6 mmspace, in the Helix grains rub gently one against the other into a 20 cm space for 10 minutes. This ensures the lightest shelling to prevent fractures and broken grains (essential for uniformity in cooking).


The re-enrichment of the refined rice with its germ restores the most valuable nutrients of brown rice, inevitably lost in the refining process. In Acquerello using an exclusive patented process the recovered germ, very tender and soft, is slowly mixed with white rice so that it melts and a part penetrates inside the grain and the remainder adheres to its exterior.


During cooking Acquerello loses very little starch, so the grains do not bind together even when the rice becomes cold and dry. It is able to absorb a greater amount of cooking liquids and flavors, so after cooking the grains become bigger, heavier and tastier thus enhancing all the other ingredients.


From a nutritional point of view, Acquerello is totally complete because, unlike any other white rice, it contains more proteins, minerals, vitamins and all the other micro-elements within the germ otherwise present only in brown rice.


Regarding quality, Acquerello can be considered really the last word in rice, because the grains are tastier and more nutritious, and can be cooked more easily. Simply by using Acquerello your rice dishes will always be perfect. Once you have tried it you will never look back!!