15 Nov Tastelanghe

  Once upon a time there was a farmer who had a dream in his heart: to make people fall in love with the unmistakable taste of the Tonda Gentile hazelnut from the Langhe. His story is what made Tastelanghe....

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23 Jul Hazelnut oil 250ml

  Infused hazelnut oil produced from the what is regarded as the world's best hazelnut, the Tonda Gentile IGP Piedmontese hazelnut.   It can enhance various dishes, from salads to fish and raw meat....

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08 Nov Hazelnuts IGP Piemonte

  Premium quality hazelnuts from Piedmont, the famous 'Tonda Gentile' variety, regarded as the best hazelnuts in the world.   Available in 100g, 500g and 1Kg....

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