Masia El Altet Harvest 2017

08 Mar 2018 Masia El Altet Harvest 2017

2017 campaign at Masia El Altet had been exceptional, both in terms of quantity and quality. Harvest period has came earlier than the norm, obtaining oils of a spectacular and very appealing intense green colour. While some may think that the intense colour will lead you to an imbalanced oil, the organoleptic characteristics offers intense fresh fruitiness, clean aroma, with a sweet opening note, and a very interesting mix of herbaceous nuances.

Once again, during the year Masia El Altet have won 43 awards, which include some of the most important, confirming Masia’s oils amongst the best in the world.

At Brenorg we offer two different oils, the monovarietal Changlot Real ‘Special Selection’ and the 5 olive blend ‘High Quality’.