For the love of pesto, we welcome La Gallinara

13 Aug 2018 For the love of pesto, we welcome La Gallinara

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We love pesto, and we wanted to introduce a product that deserves to be in our portfolio. We are very choosy and hard to please. So we did a good research, tasted a number of pesto’s from commercial to artisan, compared all together, and after taking everything into consideration, we are happy to represent La Gallinara.

Born in 1984 as a small family business producing Ligurian food specialties. the flagship of La Gallinara is the ‘Genovese Pesto’ produced with the most important ingredient of the recipe, the Genovese DOP Basil certified by Consortium.

At La Gallinara the careful selection of quality ingredients is the key to produce a high quality product that makes it stand apart.

La Gallinara will be exclusively represented in the Malta by Brenorg fine food. It will be available in 3 different sizes, 130g, 180g and 650g.