Dada Miele now in Malta

18 Jul 2019 Dada Miele now in Malta

It is with pleasure to announce that we have been appointed exclusive representatives in Malta for the artisan honey producer, Dada Miele.

Dada Miele is a young company based in Casalborgone, a small town over the hill of Monferrato, in Piedmont (Italy). They produce different honeys, both poly and mono-floral. What sets them apart and led them to achieve the Slow Food certification, is the absolute quality of the product, combined with the appealing design of its jars.

Dada specialty is soft set honey, a texture obtained through cold machining of some types of honey. Once it becomes soft set, honey does not solidify. This choice was done to meet customers’ needs, without affecting the organoleptic properties of the product.

We offer four types of honey, acacia, rodhodendron, dandelion and linden. These are available in glass jars of 250g.