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The Journey


Back in 2006, passion for good food drove me to start something I can fully call my own. I was never a fan of mass production, and always appreciated the small artisan producers that keep traditions alive.


In view of the very difficult market on fine food during that time, Brenorg first started on a part time basis, with a dream, but not an obsession, that one day it could turn as my profession. My first import was a pasta produced under a private label. This only happened that one time, after which I made it a policy to only work directly and hand in hand with producers. Passion, research, dedication and attention to detail kept me going, always on the look out for those producers who like me, share a passion for quality.


While years passed, and portfolio was getting bigger, none of the standards and mentality for quality changed. I proudly say that Brenorg remains one of the few businesses in Malta that really practice what they preach, in our case ‘fine food’.


In 2014, it was time to take a leap of faith and fully concentrate on my own venture. Having graduated in wines & spirits, something I am passionate about in the same way I am on food, I can now focus on both sections . Hard work, sacrifice, dedication, motivation and ambition were the recipe to live a dream. It is with satisfaction to now live the experience and the beauty of when a career and a passion come together.


The journey goes on, the search for the real artisans never stops, the thirst to learn more is the same as it was when I knew nothing, the passion is stronger than before.


Cheers to all wine and food lovers!!!!





Brenorg fine food products are ideal for those who love and appreciate the finest things in life. Culinary education is something we strive for in a world dominated by artificial and mass production food.


Mainly focusing on the on-trade sector, we supply many of the top restaurants and five star hotels on the Maltese Islands. Working hand in hand with chefs gives us the opportunity to understand and expose the full potential of a specialized product, while giving support whenever needed.


We cater for private clients and also have a few selected re-sellers in the retail market.